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We illustrate our experience and professional approach to our work by the following list of references selected among many cultural events and installations we realised.
List of references is sorted according each category.

Sound and Lighting:

Dance Floor Attack,street dance contest, Hradec Kralove (2007 - 2010)
TCPA automobile - days of car factory, Kolin (2008, 2009)
National Harvest Festival, Hradec Kralove (each year)
Queen Elisabeth Festival, medieval historical festival - Hradec Kralove (each year)
City festival - Emperor´s day Kadan (2009)
City festival Regenstauf, Germany (2007)
Folk Music Festival Lochotin, outdoor aphitheatre for 20,000 visitors, Plzen (2008)
Festivals of light - corporate event for CEZ company (2009,2010)

Permanent installation of sound and multimedia equipment in Adalbertinum music hall, Hradec Kralove.
Permanent installation of sound equipment in restaurant chain Gastro ZOO in Janske Lazne spa.
Permanent installation of theatrical lighting equipment in town theatre - Teplice nad Metuji.
Permanent installation of theatrical lighting equipment in town theatre - Hostinne.
Project design of acoustic solution spa colonnade concert hall during its reconstruction in Janske Lazne spa.

Anniversary of 777 years since the foundation of royal city of Hradec Kralove (2002)
Grand opening firework at T-mobile centre in Hradec Kralove (2003)
60. anniversary of WW2 end in Hradec Kralove, multimedia project including fireworks, lights and laser effects (2005)
Traditional New Year´s Eve firework in Janske Lazne spa (1997 - 2009)
Traditional Christmas fair firework in mountain resort Jilemnice (1998 - 2009)
Traditional firework, festive ending of spring festival "Majales" in Dvur Kralove (1997 - 2009)
Christmas celebration with festive composed firework for TCPA car company in Kolin (2008 - 2009)

Recording studio:
Recording and mastering of Passion-play project of The Plastic People of The Universe band and Agon symphonic orchestra (2010)

Tailored manufacturing:
Provision of transport cases for rescue-material for Travel Service airlines planes
Provision of protective transport cases for musical instruments and other special equipment for Hradec Kralove philharmonic orchestra

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