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NAZARETH , Taipan  21.11.2010

The great hall of Aldis Congress Centre, Hradec Kralove with floor space of 1535m2 is amongst the largest halls in the Czech Republic. This organizer’s choice clearly meant overall better comfort for the Nazareths’ audience. The Aldis Congress Centre offers very large foyer rooms, restaurant, a foyer hall with bars and also large stage 20x11m with dressing rooms, technical rear area with lifts for moving of all necessary gear from the ramp up to the stage.

Good hall acoustics with reflective panels on the ceiling is undoubtedly a big quality of this hall, which is approx. 40mx40m. Another advantage for the visitor is a very good view on the stage from all sides. The distance between the viewer and the stage is never more than 40m. This means a better contact with the performers, which amplify the viewers’ experience from the concert.
For the show of this rock legend the hall was adjusted for the standing audience with additional seats on the balcony. This balcony with capacity of 700 seats basically encloses the stage from 3 sides where the main part opposite the stage has elevated seats. Generally the hall’s capacity was more than sufficient for 2700 paying visitors of this event.

As for the sounding, there was needed to evenly sound such wide and rugged area, particularly when there were VIP areas in the balcony’s sides. Apart from the optimal sounding, there was a need to keep good view on the stage from these seats.
That’s why for this hall’s sounding was suitable to use horn – load boxes Dynacord F12 and to direct these to suitable spaces. Separately controllable boxes FX12 and ZX5 hung above the stage covered also distant spaces on the balcony. The gap filling F12 boxes covered the balcony’s sides for VIP seats.
Generally the hall’s sounding was separated to two zones – first the hall for standing audience and the second one for the balcony. Due to the enormous width of the stage, where was a gap of circa 20m between the main boxes with subwoofers we used on EV ZX5 box hung in the middle above the stage. This of course would not be enough, a great help for covering front audience lines was Cobra 2, which played from the sides as side-fill. Its wide horizontal coverage helped us to perfectly sound the great (and wide) stage to the absolute satisfaction of performing bands and also the front lines of standing viewers.
The main Nazareth sound guy Phill was very satisfied with sound quality and loudness reserve. Good old DYNACORD did not let us down again and we could enjoy a great experience from maybe the very last Nazareths’ concert in the Czech Republic.

PA  (L + R)

6x F 12 CWH Dynacord
x F 17 PWH Dynacord
x FX 20 Dynacord
x F 18 PWH Dynacord

PA ( hung  )

2x FX 12 Dynacord
x ZX 5 Electro Voice
Side – fill

4x Cobra 2 – TOP  Dynacord
x Cobra – PWH   Dynacord

Drum – fill

2x FX 12  Dynacord
x F 17 PWH Dynacord


2x CXM 15  Dynacord
x TX 1122 FM Electro Voice
x D 12  Dynacord

Amp – DSP - Mix:

3x DSP 244  Dynacord
x LX 2200  Dynacord
x CP 3000  Electro voice
x LX 3000  Dynacord
x PM 2600  Dynacord
x Crown MT 2400
x Powersoft Digam 3000
x Midas Verona 400
x Midas Venice 240

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