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Composed fireworks with light and laser show


This type of programmes is intended as a festive ending of social and corporate events of large scale such as historical festivities, important anniversaries or other corporate or social events.
It is designated for a wide age-spectrum of visitors. The stress is given to link the audiovisual aspect of programme combining light, pyrotechnic effects and laser with individually selected accompanying music.

For the positioning of pyro effects are mainly used town squares or other monuments of cities and towns for achieving maximal impression.
The entire composition is adjusted to conform with the nature of given event - the lighting of buldings´ facades including the projection of sponsors´ logos. The accompanying music and spoken word is also selected to conform with event´s nature.
We can also profide music specially composed for a given event.
Fireworks and light show can be supplemented with laser effects to  intensify the impression.

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